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Rough And Slab

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AJS Gems - Importer and exporter of rough and polished gemstones for the gem industry, gem cutters.
All That Glitters - Features a range of gemstones as well as some jewelry.
Aloe's Earth - Retail distributor of high-quality gems and crystals.
Alpha Imports Inc. - Faceted, cabochon and fancy cut loose gemstones.
Amber-Werx Incorporated - Offering Colombian amber, Lapis lazuli and lapidary equipment.
Amethyst Galleries' - Provides a searchable database of mineral and gemstone descriptions, images, and specimens.
Ammolite Guaranteed - Ammolite jewelry, Feng Shui ammonites and Cretaceous Period ammonite fossils.
Apsara Gems - UK company offering rubies and sapphires.
Apus International - Hong Kong-based manufacturer of gems and gemstones jewelry.
Artistic Jewelry and Lapidary - Specializing in rocks, gems and minerals supplies. - Offers cut gemstone products including faceted, cabochon, and intarsia.
Bohemia - UK based shop selling amethyst and quartz crystals, silver and gemstone.
Buena Vista Gem - Gemstones and minerals for jewelers and collectors, rockhunting information.
C.R. Enterprises - Supplies, works and finishes gemstones.
Cabochons and Faceted - Opals, cabochons, faceted gems and moss agates. - Offers a broad range of gems. Based in Thailand.
Colorado Gem and Mineral - Gem stones, minerals and jewelry.
Colored Creations - Offers a wide range of cut gems and rough as well as cutting services.
Dean Otteson - Authentic White Buffalo and Turquoise.
Divine Jewels - Loose gem stones, facts about gemstones and estate jewelry.
Dragon Gems - Semi-precious gems, jewelry, gifts and carvings.
Earth Stone, Inc. - Indian manufacturer and exporter of various gemstones.
Elegance Online, Inc. - Exporters of natural Colombian emeralds in rough, cut and polished loose stones from Muzo and Coscuez mines.
Emeralds Of Colombia - Dedicated to selling Emeralds from Colombia SA.
Exclusive Gems - Offers natural Australian mosaic opals as well as gemstone crystals and jewelry.
Facet Shoppe - Rough and cut gems, gemstone optics, faceting information for beginners.
Galarneau's Gems - Custom faceted gemstones and unusual.
Gallery of Gemstones - Featuring a wide variety of gem rough, loose gemstones, and finished fine jewelry.
Gem Country USA - Offers a wide variety of cut gemstones both faceted and cabochons.
Gem Hill - Gemstones in cabochon and faceted styles, diamonds, obelisks, watches.
Gem Shopper - Information on gemstone selection and investment.
Gemcal - Supplier of sapphires and spinel directly from Thailand.
Gemcarver - Selection of sunstones, opals and other gemstones by award winning cutter William.
Gemcolor - Supplies gems for private purchase and jewelry designers.
GemData - Colored gemstones, diamonds, SoLux Daylight lighting and the interactive Gem.
Gemfix - Faceted colored gemstones at wholesale prices.
Gems and stones - Offers emeralds, topaz, aquamarine, amethyst, tourmaline, and diamonds.
Gems Express - Loose diamond, emerals, sapphires and rubies in various cuts and sizes. - Offers gems and jewelry for sale, auction and reverse auction.
GemsBiz India, Inc. - A consortium of companies based in India, supplying gems, beads and cubic zirconium. - Offering a variety of gemstones from Thailand.
GemSource - Supplying sapphire, opal and garnet.
Gemstone Agent - Australian black opals, boulder opals and sapphires.
Gemstone Collections - Faceted gemstones from around the world including amethyst, topaz and sapphire.
Gemstone World - Fine facet rough and cut gemstones from around the world.
Gemstones - Description by gem variety, zodiac, birthstone, anniversary and gemstones in history.
Gemstones - Hundreds of descriptions for gems, minerals, and rare metals. - Retails most gemstone varieties.
Get Glitz - Swarovski Crystal stones for costumes, eveningwear, and accessories. - Specialized in colored gemstones, minerals and collector's stones coming direct from producer countries.
Global Gems and Jewels - Specializes in loose gemstones and fine jewelry.
Globe Gem - Offering precious and semi-precious gemstones and bead in both faceted and cabachon cuts.
Glyptic Illusions - Selling an assortment of gemstone carvings.
Golanee Loose - Offering gemstones by lot.
Gram Faceting - Gemstone rough and faceted gemstones.
Great South Gems - Collectible rocks, minerals, semi-precious gems, fossils, crystals.
Hans-Dieter Haag - The world of fine cut faceted and cabochon gemstones.
Harmon's - Montana agate rough, slabs, cabochons and jewelry.
Impexco - Rough and cut gemstones, carved gems and minerals.
Inclusions.Net - Presents colored stones, pearls, and specialty jewelry as well as links and educational material.
Jewelers Gems - Colored gemstones for jewelers and designers cut in the USA by master cutters in standard and fancy.
JHM Gems Online - Offering faceted gemstones, cabochons, specimens, facet rough.
John Miller's - A gem dealer with a comprehensive introduction to gemology and the lapidary arts.
Jyotish Gem - Features pearl, coral, ruby, emerald, diamond, unheated blue and yellow.
Lapilia - Gemstones from around the world, custom cutting, common.
Lyssa Gem - Offering faceted and cabochon gemstones such as garnets, aquamarine.
M and M Gems - Manufacturers and exporters of colored gemstones.
Meco Gems Impex - Offers Iolite stones.
Modern Stone Age - Hand cut faceted, cabochon and designer gemstones.
MystiCrystals - Specializes in faceted gemstones and jewelry as well as facet rough, gem trees, and custom faceting.
Nana Rocks Inc. - Offering tanzanite and jewelry.
NuGem - Graduate Gemologist with extensive experience in gem evaluation and gem testing.
OpalCutter - Opals, fire or laguna agates, minerals, rough stones, plus jewelry. - Opal information in Italian.
Origem - Presents unique gemstone carvings in opal, amethyst, tourmaline, ametrine, and citrine.
Owl Gemstones - Faceted and cabochon gemstones, descriptions, pricing factors and certified gemstones.
Ozark Rock Exchange - Gemstone collections of stone power prayer pouches for enhancing love, happiness. - Offers a wide variety of gemstones and jewelry featuring colored stones and diamonds.
Pioneer Gem - Wholesale cut gemstones for the jewelry trade, collectors, lapidary artists.
Ritchard's Gems - Discount supplier of hand select facet rough from around the world including black Australian opals.
Rockshop - Minerals, fossils, jewelry, meteorites for sale to dealers, collectors and jewelry makers.
Romantic Gems - Specializing in the unusual, exotic.
Rough and Ready - Cutters of faceted gemstone briolettes in matched and single pieces.
Royal Gems - Precious and semi-precious gemstones.
Select Gems Limited. - African roughcut gemstones featuring emeralds, rubies, sapphires, and semi-precious.
Shadow Enterprise - Offers custom gemstone design and loose stone sales.
Siamgems Chanthaburi - Thailand-based supplier sells natural gemstones including sapphires, rubies.
Simply Sapphires - Offering a variety of precious gemstones.
Skye's Gems - Presents exotic and rare gems and minerals from around the world.
Slabs and Cabs - Presents cabochons of unique materials from the firm's mines as well as custom cutting and slabbing.
Steve Walters - Contemporary gemstone carvings for jewelry designers.
SWD Ruby Sapphire - Offering sapphire and ruby gemstones. - Presents cabochons and facets including drusy, blue opal, tourmaline.
Swiss Gem Shop - Offers opals, alexandrites, sapphires, ruby, emeralds and other.
The Gemcutter - Loose and rare faceted and cabochon gemstones, colored stone and diamond.
The Image - Mineral and gemstone galleries. - Offering wirewrapped jewelry, crystals and mineral specimens.
Trigon Holding - Loose gemstones and jewelry.
United Gem - Specializing in colored gemstones from around the world.
W Scott Forrest - Fine colored gemstones including benitoite, tanzanite, tsavorite and many.

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